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Today, in a highly competitive economy, there is an overabundance of supply. The customer has a wide range of similar products to satisfy his needs. Marketing is the management process for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. I will assist you in the creation of this strategy and in the choice of tools to deploy with Marketing, Innovation, Branding, Art Direction and Training.


In a competitive environment where standing out becomes ever more difficult, digital plays an increasingly important role. SEO, SMO, SEM, ASO, are in the center of our developpement. From webdesign to digital marketing we will help you to develop your business.

Design thinking gives the designer the role of conductor, capable of listening to consumers’ sensitivities, integrating the ideas, wishes and desires of the client, suggesting new directions. Design is not a cosmetic approach, but it is above all a creative approach that starts from the analysis of a reality and

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Fabien sait écouter ... C'est précieux. A partir de cette écoute active, il propose des pistes de réflexions qui enrichissent votre action de tous les jours. Efficace avec bonne humeur et toujours une pointe d'humour.

Georges-Antoine Strauch
CEO Articque

I had the pleasure to work with Fabien with my agency on all the animated graphic design for the French presidential elections in 2007 on TF1. Fabien’s professionalism and creative talents helped us go smoothly through what could have been a stressful moment, and made it one of the nicest works done by Bronx agency through the years. 

Franck Nasso
Head Of Business Development LANDR

Dans toutes nos collaborations, Fabien a apporté une grande créativité et une certaine espièglerie. Ajoutons à cela son efficacité et sa vigilance concernant les coûts. Une somme de qualités qu'on apprécie !

Catherine Fleuranceau
Productrice chez Fremantle

I was able to appreciate repeatedly the creativity and the artistic and technical expertise of Fabien during the implementation of researches for original visual identity, for ambitious project management (Presidential Elections, Sport Events, News magazine, etc.) within TV channels and production companies. Fabien is a real interlocutor endowed with a big humanity and with a rare humor what is extremely pleasant. 

Armelle Phaëton
Chef de projet digital

Créatif et curieux, Fabien sait diriger ses équipes avec intelligence, sensibilité et humanité et cela même au milieu des contraintes fortes liées au travail avec une rédaction de chaîne de télévision.

Xavier Lemoine
Responsable artistique chez Groupe M6

J'ai eu le plaisir à travailler avec Fabien dans la mise en oeuvre d'une identité visuelle concernant l'implémentation d'une solution de pilotage industrielle. Il a su capter les fondamentaux du métier et les attentes des utilisateurs pour les fédérer autour d'un projet "Usine". Fabien possède au delà de son expertise une grande faculté d'écoute

Martine Guerouard
Consultant Expert Indépendant


Art Direction, Marketing, Innovation & Creative

Fabien JACOB is a consultant based in Asia and representatives in Paris. His diverse skill set attracts clients all across the business spectrum. His clients range from local firms to worldwide corporations. With his partners he is doing Marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding, Innovation, Design ,Webdesign and Photography. Over 40 years of experience working with different medias and companies has allowed him to develop a creativity that covers a vast range of fields. Teaching in a master degree in University.

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